2013 Fantasy Baseball Tiers for Outfielders – Ryan Braun Edges Mike Trout at Top

The fantasy baseball tiers for the outfield are a little different than at the positions as there are more players per group and there are typically several players in the group that  will offer you strength in three or four of five categories.  For example, in a group of eight players, you might have four players strong across the board, two players good for stolen bases and two players good for power.

You have several options then for grouping them in their tier. You can either rank them overall, or group them by skill set or else rank them overall but color code them for their strong skills. For example, you may color code players with the ability to steal 20+ bases in green. That way if later in the draft you are looking for a stolen base guy, you can find him easily in your tier. Otherwise you can waste precious seccond scrolling your list for a player, not find them, panic and grab a guy you may not have wanted.

Here is a look at the 2013 fantasy baseball tiers for outfielders.

Tier 1:

Ryan Braun
Mike Trout
Matt Kemp
Andrew McCutchen
Carlos Gonzalez
Giancarlo Stanton
Josh Hamilton
Justin Upton
Jose Bautista

Assuming Braun does not get suspended at some point this season, I like him a little more than Trout. Stanton I have this high but there is a chance he gets walked 200 times with absolutely no protection around him which would cut into his value.

Tier 2:

Yoenis Cespedes
Jason Heyward
B.J. Upton
Adam Jones
Jacoby Ellsbury
Bryce Harper
Matt Holliday
Jay Bruce
Allen Craig (1B)

Heyward has been going a round higher than Cespedes in mock drafts but I have them projected for almost identical stats but Cespedes with a higher average.

Tier 3:

Alex Rios
Desmond Jennings
Michael Bourn
Curtis Granderson
Shin-Soo Choo
Nelson Cruz
Austin Jackson
Shane Victorino
Hunter Pence

Granderson dropped to the fourth tier because of his injury. Jackson I think is in line for a breakout season in 2013.

Tier 4:

Carlos Beltran
Michael Morse
Josh Willingham
Carlos Gomez
Nick Markakis
Angel Pagan
Norichika Aoki
Carl Crawford

Gomez, Pagan and Aoki are all pretty similar players with Gomez exhibiting a little more power last season. I have Crawford tentatively at the end of the fourth team with the assumption he will be ready to start the season not on the disabled list.

Tier 5:

Michael Cuddyer (1B)
Andre Ethier
Brett Gardner
Coco Crisp
Josh Reddick
Jayson Werth
Ben Revere
Nick Swisher
Ichiro Suzuki

Tier 6:

Alejandro de Aza
Dexter Fowler
Alfonso Soriano
Starling Marte
Lorenzo Cain
Cameron Maybin
Drew Stubbs
Justin Ruggiano
Corey Hart
Melky Cabrera
Jason Kubel

Hart could move up a tier as we get closer to the season and have a better estimate of how many weeks of the regular season he is going to miss. I have Melky Cabrera lower than most but I want no part of him. Who knows what version of him will show up this year and he has already been suspended once before.

Tier 7:

Torii Hunter
Dayan Viciedo
Emilio Bonifacio
Tyler Colvin
Adam Eaton
Justin Maxwell
Leonys Martin
Carlos Quentin
Colby Rasmus
David Murphy
Denard Span
Cody Ross

I like Colvin, Eaton and Martin in this group. I would like Maxwell a little more if his batting average wasn’t so low. You can only afford to take one low average hitter like that on your team without conceding numerous points in average.


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