2013 Fantasy Baseball Tiers at Third Base – Miguel Cabrera is Number One

The fantasy baseball tiers at third base are semi-deep but they could could lose some depth if several of the players drafted are put at first base. By using the below tiers with average draft position numbers, you should get a good feel of where certain players at third base will go in drafts.

Here is a look at the 2013 fantasy baseball tiers for third basemen.

Tier 1:

Miguel Cabrera
David Wright
Adrian Beltre
Evan Longoria

For as much love as Longoria gets from fantasy owners, he has really been a disappointment the last two seasons based on his draft position.

Tier 2:

Aramis Ramirez
Ryan Zimmerman
Chase Headley

Headley is going for a premium price this season and I don’t think he comes anywhere close to his power numbers from 2012.

Tier 3:

Pablo Sandoval
Brett Lawrie

Now that the hype has worn of Lawrie a little bit, you can get him at a decent round in the draft without reaching too far over his average draft position.

Tier 4:

Will Middlebrooks
Martin Prado

Prado always goes high in drafts but he just doesn’t have enough power for me to grab him at third base.

Tier 5:

David Freese
Kyle Seager
Todd Frazier
Mike Moustakas

I probably like Frazier best out of the group for his power potential. Freese comes with an injury history and I think Seager is close to his ceiling already.

Tier 6:

Kevin Youkilis
Michael Young
Pedro Alvarez
Manny Machado

Give me the veterans for another season in an annual league. Alvarez carries too much risk for a team’s batting average and I think Machado is still a year away from being higher in the rankings.

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