2013 Fantasy Baseball Tiers at Second Base – Robinson Cano Tops the List

The fantasy baseball tiers at second base are a little more complex with players that also qualify at shortstop in the mix since those players, such as Ben Zobrist, Danny Espinosa and Marco Scutaro are more likely to drafted at that position instead of at second base. By using the below tiers with average draft position numbers, you should get a good feel of where certain players at second base will go in drafts.

Here is a look at the 2013 fantasy baseball tiers for second basemen.

Tier 1:

Robisnon Cano
Dustin Pedroia
Ian Kinsler

You could make the argument that Cano belongs in a tier by himself as a top 10 pick in the first round while Pedroia and Kinsler are going late in round two in 15 team mixed leagues.

Tier 2:

Ben Zobrist (ss)
Jason Kipnis
Aaron Hill
Jose Altuve
Brandon Phillips

Zobrist is likely to be grabbed as a shortstop. Hill, Kipnis and Phillips have all been going within a few picks of each other in mock drafts so plan accordingly depending on where your draft position is.

Tier 3:

Rickie Weeks
Danny Espinosa (ss)
Howie Kendricks
Neil Walker
Dan Uggla
Chase Utley

Weeks is closer to a tier two player but the injury risk pushes him down to tier three. Utley has been going higher in mock drafts than all but Weeks in this group, but those owners must be projecting him for more than 400 at bats which is a big leap of faith given his past injuries. 

Tier 4:

Dustin Ackley
Marco Scutaro (ss)
Omar Infante
Daniel Murphy
Jedd Gyorko

I have Gyorko at the bottom of this tier but I think he will be moving up as we get closer to the start of the season. The Padres need offense too much to start him in the minor leagues I think.

Tier 5:

Jeff Keppinger
Kelly Johnson
Gordon Beckham
Chris Nelson

Not much to pick from in this group. Johnson’s at bats could be limited in Tampa Bay with the depth of the Rays roster.

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