2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Starting Pitchers (41-60)

This is the eleventh article in the series of our 2013 fantasy baseball rankings looking at the position of starting pitchers  ranked 41-60. If you are playing in a 15 team league, now you are getting into the 3rd and 4th starters on most rosters so it is important to try and find one more 180+ strikeout pitcher in this group.

This group is made up a collection of pitchers that will be entering their sophomore campaigns so picking out which one’s that are going to retain or surpass their value from last season is going to be key to capturing fantasy pitching categories.

Here is a look at the fantasy baseball starting pitchers ranked 41-60 for 2013.

41. Anibal Sanchez - walk rate fell for 4th year in a row, but move to American League means ratio improvement is doubtful. Should grab a few more wins with the Tigers offense supporting him.

42. Josh Johnson  - walked rate and strikeout rate both heading the wrong direction in two straight seasons. Move to AL East does him no favors. Will be over drafted by those who look at his name only and not his stats.

43. Ryan Vogelsong - ERA regressed as expected but the rest of the numbers looked a lot like 2011. On top of that, he picked up his strikeout rate the second half of the season, fanning 81 in 79 innings.

44. Mike Minor - a fly ball pitcher is always more susceptible to a fluctuating ERA with some bad luck; see his 19 home runs allowed in 92 innings the first half of the season. Then came the second half when home run rate normalized and control magically appeared as he walked just 16 in 87 1/3 innings. Good chance he returns a profit in 2013.

45. Homer Bailey - reached 200 innings for first time in major leagues, increased k rate second half of the season and sprinkled in a few more ground balls as well. If healthy, he should be close to his 2012 season with a few more k’s.

46. Jeremy Hellickson - strikeout rate has been disappointing given his minor league numbers, but at least he made gains in his ground ball rate last season.

47. Jonathan Niese - was not as bad as he was in 2011 or quite as good as he was in 2012 though skills say he leans more toward last year for his performance in 2013 assuming his walk rate gains for the last two years stay in place.

48. Ryan Dempster - advancing age, move to AL East makes it that much more important he is able to maintain his sub 3.0 walk rate per nine innings from last season.

49. A.J. Burnett - the move to the National League agreed with him as ground ball rate was up eight percentage points and walk / home run rate was down. He should be good for 12 wins, 180 k’s and hope that the neither the walks or home runs jump back up.

50. Hisashu Iwakuma - the stats show he was much more suited to be a starting pitcher, posting a 2.50 ERA and 1.23 WHIP in 15 starts after the All-Star break. Pitched much better at home with a 2.49 ERA and 1.18 WHIP compared to 4.20 and 1.42 on the road.

51. Wade Miley - how to survive as a rookie pitcher; limit walks and home runs and strike out just enough hitters to avoid big innings. His control was never THAT good though in the minor leagues with 3.1 walks per nine so expect regression in his WHIP.

52. Josh Beckett  - fell short of 200 innings for the third year in a row and while the move to the National League should help his numbers, the injuries are starting to pile up.

53. Shaun Marcum - fly ball pitcher who should fare a little better in Citi Field than he did in Milwaukee as long as health permits.

54. Philip Hughes - a return to health coupled with a drop in his walk rate gives optimism for 2013, but those pesky fly balls tend to fly over the fence when he is pitching which makes his ERA hard to break the 4.00 barrier.

55. Jarrod Parker - rookie numbers were in line with his minor league ratios and he enjoyed pitching in Oakland Coliseum where he posted a 2.61 ERA with a 1.18 WHIP. Keep in mind he still has only pitched a total of 554 innings so there could be some growing pains in his second season.

56. Michael Fiers - faded badly down the stretch with a 4.89 ERA in August and a 7.09 mark in September. Showed a great strikeout rate and if he has stamina down the stretch in 2013, he should top last year’s numbers.

57. Trevor Cahill- strikeout rate has improved every season in the major leagues so far, though he is in still only the middle grouping at 7.0 per nine innings. Has alternated bad-good seasons so far which is not promising for 2013 if that trend continues.

58. Matt Harvey  - it is easy to get excited by his numbers as he struck out seven or more in 50% of his starts, but it was a small sample size of 59 1/3 innings and he needs to cut down on his walks to pitch longer into games.

59. Kyle Lohse - ranked here for now though I may knock him down a few spots if he signs in the American League.

60. Wei-Yin Chen - fly ball pitcher which raises ERA, otherwise showed solid strikeout and walk rate in first U.S. season.

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